Dear Breeder,

If you compare the yearling sale catalog from a decade ago to the 2018 sale you'll see significant differences and changes in many of the categories.  The most obvious change is that of numbers; in 2009 it was a two-day sale with 440 entries.  The 2018 Louisiana yearling sale cataloged 220.

As would be expected, a 50% reduction over a ten year period should and did show a lot of pedigree improvement.  Sell the non productive; seek out black type.  The most recent book is by far the best quality ever, and it compares favorably to any regional market. You should be proud of the discipline, difficult decisions, and the monetary burden that you've shouldered in order to raise the quality of our stock.  Louisiana breds sell well and run fast nationwide.

Another glaring difference in today's catalog is the proliferation of Kentucky sires.  There were very few ten years ago, but today they comprise almost 50% of the yearlings offered.

So if the numbers have been cut in half, and if now half again are sired by outside stallions, what options does that leave the breeder?  The industry has become significantly more competitive and we  at The Stock Exchange offer you a roster of stallions that we hope will make you more successful in both the sales ring and the racetrack.

We feel that it is our responsibility as stallion managers to bring you the upgraded opportunity on the sire side that you have worked so hard and at such great expense to achieve on the dam side. 

Best Wishes For A Successful 2019 Breeding & Racing Season!

David Tillson
The Stock Exchange

David Tillson
Founder, The Stock Exchange
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